Monday, July 21, 2008

Payday Loan APR

By Ethan Hunter

Most people know what 'APR' stands for, as they've seen it with home loans, and other sort of big pieces of money - but often times, a payday loan APR can be a very daunting thing, and for good reason.

There are many states that have regulated the maximum APR for payday loans and this is a really good thing. It's not going to be close to what you are thinking for an APR though. Try looking a lot higher because a short term loan often has a very high APR.

What's APR?

Some people don't know what APR is, or what payday loan APR is - or if it's different at all.

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, which is basically the annual interest rate on the loan itself. With large loans, like a home loan, or small business loan, the APR is usually very low, mostly because the loan is paid back over a long period of time.

However, with Payday Loan APR, it works a little differently.

Payday Loan APR 101

Unfortunately, a payday loan APR is extremely high, in fact, the highest interest rate seen with any type of loan. Since this is a short term loan, which is usually no more than 14 days, the loan companies can get by charging unbelievable rates. As a result, people going this route could easily be charged anywhere from $20 to $40 in high interest.

Normally, you will find APRs that are between 250% - 390%, which is really large except that you are just borrowing a small amount and are planning to pay it back in a fast rate of time.

Of course, there are some states that keep tight tabs on APR rates charged by these companies. Therefore, the APR allowed to charge with other factors, such as the length of the loan and whether extensions are allowed, would also be regulated. Just remember that laws are different for every state - some strict and some not so rigid.

Things to Look for in a Payday Loan

When searching for a payday loan APR should be something that you keep at the top of your head. The lower the APR, less that you have to pay when you're going to pay back your loan.

Watch out for your fees also, an APR may look good at first, but then the fees will end up costing you more then you are paying in interest. Keep your eyes open for the best companies that offer you the lowest fees and rates.


Of course, borrowing money is serious business so it is important to choose one that can get the payday loan APR that will not put you in further debt.

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