Monday, July 21, 2008

Foreclosure how to buy property way below today's current price

By Steven McCarthy

If you want to start making serious money then you need learn about foreclosure how to buy bank owned properties way below market value. The foreclosure home mortgage crisis has become a national problem affecting our economy. Because of loose lending policy's by the mortgage lenders now that economic times have become tighter a lot of property owners are finding themselves in foreclosure, If they cannot get the mortgage current their next best hope is to sell the property and save their credit rating. with so many foreclosures out there right now it is the perfect time to start investing in foreclosure properties, you can make yourself a lot of money and feel good about helping a family save their credit rating.

Foreclosure investing is not preying on the weak,quite the opposite by buying the property from the home owner before it is foreclosed on and their credit is ruined your helping them make a new start. The homeowners obviously don't want their home to be foreclosed. They not only lose their home but they also severely damage their credit rating. The banks and mortgage companies don't want to foreclose on homes, because they stand to lose a great amount of money on the loan.

Banks and mortgage companies are in the lending business, not the property management business. When a bank or mortgage company forecloses on a property, they do not gain an asset, they lose capital. Their capital is tied up in a property instead of being put to work and making more money. Banks and lending companies want to free up the capital that is stagnant in the property, and re-invest it in new loan.

Foreclosure is when a mortgage lender gets a court to terminate the borrows equitable right of redemption. This happens after the borrow defaults on the loan. There are a lot of legal twists and turns that go along with the foreclosure deals, but one thing is perfectly clear. It is a stressful and sad time for those involved.

It is advisable that if you think you are going to default on your payments or have already, that you should talk to your lender a soon as possible. If you are already behind and don't see any relief in site, you may want to speak to an attorney or financial advisor. Who will help you find a solution and inform you of you rights.

So, what if you are not having a mortgage crisis? Will the nation's high foreclosure rate affect you? Well, it could. It depends on where you live and if there are a high number of foreclosures in your area. This high rate can cause neighborhood home values to drop a great deal. However, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. If you are not behind on your payments, just sit tight. The housing market run's in cycle's and will bounce back.

Due to this crisis, a new trend has emerged. People are popping up everywhere wanting to know about bank foreclosure properties. And what are bank owned properties? Sometimes when a bank foreclosure sale auction has failed to sell a bank owned foreclosure and now the bank is stuck with a property that no longer has a mortgage.

You can try your county website to find the bank owned properties for sale in your area. Most of these properties can be purchased at auction or through private negotiations with the owners and their banks. Be warned that many of these properties need to be purchased with certain guidelines to the sale, such as buying as is, sight unseen, with proof of meeting the financial obligation of purchase, and requiring some or all of the purchase price up front as cash.

If, after considering all of these facts and tips, you are still in the market to purchase distressed properties, the next step is to find bank owned property in your area ready for sale. At this point, you are ready to jump into the world of foreclosure how to buy bank owned property for investing!

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