Sunday, July 27, 2008

Simple Ways to Clear Debts

By Mike King

It is easier to borrow money, but once you are surrounded by creditors and want to clear debts, it is always a complicated task. Debt usually mounts up high and fast since most times people forget to take into account high interest rate that has to be paid along with principle amount of a loan. While opting for more and more loans, borrowers forget to check the type and rate of interest on the borrowed amount and then their loans pile up into a huge mountain of debts.

Here are some easy tips to clear debt -

- Better money management: It is considered to be one of the best ways to clear debts. It is important to note your all expenses in order to cut down the bad ones. This actually helps a lot. You need to maintain records of all the financial transactions such as purchases and withdrawals every month. This would help you to keep track of the expenses. Plan out a monthly budget by considering all your expenses, and stick to as much as possible. The experience from maintaining the record would help you to plan a loan better. Customers can also consolidate their debts. It can be the ideal way to clear debts as you can handle your money far better.

- Managing Debts: Borrowers who are facing heavy debts may appeal to their financial companies to bring down or to cease the rising rate of interest. They may also request to lower the rate of mounting interest on the non-payment of the debts. However it is completely up to the creditors whether to act according to the appeal of the borrowers. And since these are only request and not a legal accord, the creditors may accept or decline the borrower's suggestion at any time they wish. After every six months the debts must be managed or planned to ensure a better financial position for the borrowers. Consolidating debts using any simple ways to clear debts is always better than any kind of non-payments. There are professionals available who may help to bring the suitable plan for debt management.

- Managing through IVA: Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a debt management plan, which is done very lawfully. While a person takes the help of IVA, he is allowed a few years time to pay off his total debts. And along with it this IVA also enables the borrowers and the customers to consolidated and revoke their debts partly or fully. The terms and conditions of this deal remain fixed, without any interest for the agreement period. As a person or a borrower decides for the Individual Voluntary Agreement, he may keep his security or collateral while paying off the debts. Thus it is also one of the simple ways to clear debts. There are sometimes high charges for obtaining these IVA solutions, which lead the borrowers to reconsider this option. However, this is a far better choice than suffering from a severe bankruptcy.

- Insolvency: Insolvency is the last option of clearing debts. This is an ultimate option that can solve a lot of problems for you to clear debts at once. In this condition the borrowers can keep the high valueless properties. The condition of bankruptcy generally dissolves in a year.

These are some of the ways to clear debts. The customers who are looking to get rid of debts and avoid any kind of problems regarding the same can try out for good results.

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